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Still using those harsh, astringent cleansers in plastic bottles? It’s time for a (natural) refresh. Our Cleansing Bars will purify your skin, dissolve dirt and excess oil, and remove pore-clogging grime after a long day. It will also deliver a dose of skin-loving ingredients that will leave your face feeling softer, smoother, and clearer. Because it contains only natural, nourishing ingredients, you’ll get that satisfying clean feeling, without stripping skin of essential moisture.

Choose from Calm (for acne-prone skin), Balance (for oily/combination skin), Hydrate  (for dry skin), Shine (for dull skin), and Timeless (for mature skin). 

Includes: (2) Cleansing Bars (5.0 oz / 142 g each)

Cleanser (Duo)

SKU: 8b303691
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