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Hello Harmony Seekers!

Jessica Barahona

My name is Jessica Barahona. I am obsessed with Learning. My husband calls me a nerd. I am ok with that assessment. That may be why I wear so many hats. My job IRL is as a Medical Aesthetician, where I get to help people take care of their body's largest organ: the skin! I have also trained as a 500-hour yoga instructor, a level 2 sound healer, a holistic naturopathic practitioner and have taken multiple health, mindset and life coach certifications. There are more courses, classes and certifications on my horizon. I have been interested in holistic health and wellness for decades and this website is how i plan to share all that I've learned over the years. I know there are many who share my passion. so welcome!! let's enjoy this holistic health journey together!  

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