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This necklace makes the perfect gift for mom or grandma! She will love receiving and wearing it -- what an adorable way for her to carry her loved ones with her! ♥

As a mother, your kids mean the world to you. You'd do anything for them, they make you laugh, drive you crazy, make your day. Your kids truly are your sunshine! Celebrate your kiddos with this beautiful 'You Are My Sunshine' Necklace with personalized birthstones! If this is a gift for your mom, even better! This gorgeous necklace makes the perfect Mother's Day gift, Birthday present, Christmas present and BEYOND!

We use sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled or 14kt rose gold-filled depending on your preference. You can choose the number of birthstone charms you'd like on your necklace and what months they should be!

The dainty bar necklace is precision laser engraved with "you are my sunshine" and a dainty sun image. The bar and birthstone(s) hang from an 18" chain. Each necklace is custom made to order!

The wonderful thing about this necklace (other than the fact that it can be personalized to you!), is what it represents: when you give this necklace to your mom or nana, you are reminding her of how wonderful she is and how much her presence in your life means to you. 

You Are My Sunshine Necklace - Personalized Necklace for Mom

SKU: aae93ca4
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